Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction & Real Estate Development

You have the land. You have the vision. Now let Bedway Development make it a reality.

Bedway Development Corporation is a respected and accomplished construction firm established in 1990 that has knowledge, ability, vision and resources to carry out large and small projects, while always providing personal attention to detail and maintaining focus on the customers. Bedway Development has references from satisfied customers and the actual finished projects to prove their competence. The Bedway Development team takes the value added approach in making sure the client gets what they pay for by listening, implementing the plans and working on site for the duration of the construction period.

Primary expertise include:

  • Collegiate
  • Health
  • Heavy Commercial/Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Light Commercial/Retail

Bedway Development Corporation is a fully computer-integrated corporation made up of a talented and dedicated workforce. They are fully insured and bonded for small large projects alike. Bedway Development adheres to the OSHA Safety Procedures by stringently following both a Safety and a Hazard Communications Program. Bedway Development is a member of the Drug-Free Workplace Program and the Belmont County Safety Council.

“At Bedway Development, trust, quality and dependability are the bedrock of our company – we want to exceed your expectations. Every time. You may find bigger construction companies out there, but you won’t find a better choice than Bedway Development. Simply put, our team delivers unmatchable workmanship and unrivaled customer service to our clients. And we treat every project – large or small – with the same commitment to quality from start to finish.”
– Jonathan Bedway, President

You have the land. You have the vision. Now let Bedway Development make it a reality.

Our expert team of professionals – with combined experience of __ years – will work closely with you to plan your project, giving you guidance and time tested options throughout every step of the development process.

Bedway Development has been trusted to work on projects for both youth and senior citizens – designing and constructing college residence halls, nursing homes, and assisted care facilities. These types of specialty projects require the utmost attention to detail and budget. And we will work every day to ensure safety, quality and comfort in our final product. At Bedway Development, we know that these are more than just structures – they’re someone’s home.

We take pride in providing outstanding design / build services for the hospitality industry. As Eastern Ohio expands with new growth, we are ready to meet the short term housing needs of an increasing workforce by building quality hotels on time & on budget.

Bedway Development has extensive experience in health related construction, including rehabilitation, nursing & retirement facilities. Bedway Development has a reputation of quality, durability & functionality in this type of construction. As populations age, there is a greater demand for companies that can efficiently & creatively build senior living centers. Bedway Development is a trusted name in this industry.

The people who trust Bedway Development are some of the most profitable corporations and brands in America. They are both Fortune 500 Companies and locally owned businesses. And they all have trusted their commercial building projects to Bedway.

– McDonald’s
– British Petroleum
– Marriott Corporation
– Advanced Auto Parts
– Taco Bell and KFC
– Exxon

Specializing in the design and construction of a wide variety of projects, Bedway Development Corporation – from inception to completion – takes pride in listening to and focusing on the specialized needs of our customers. We take a “hands-on” approach.

Whether it’s the design/build of pre-engineered metal building systems, including any and every structure from warehouses to distribution systems to manufacturing facilities, Bedway Development will help personalize your project and make it your own.

We know these aren’t just “commodity projects” to you – and we’ll take the time to make your vision a reality Wheeling, WV and Blockbuster, Radio Shack, Advance Auto, Gumby’s Cigarette World, Defelice Pizza Service Statement.